Odia Newspapers

Hi Friends, Here are the list of some odia news papers available online. If you know any other newspapers available then please mention in comment section. Have a happy reading :). Your suggestions and criticisms means a lot.

                    List of Odia News Papers Online: 

Odia News Paper Sambad    :     Click Here  
Odia News Paper Sambad   :   Click Here ( Web Site)
Odia News Paper Dharitri    :   Click Here 
Odia News Paper Samaja      : Click Her
Odia News Paper Pragatibadi   Click Here 
Odia News Paper Prameya        :   Click Here
Odia news Paper Nakshatra Jyoti : Click Here
Odia News Paper Sruti                :  Click Here
Odia News Paper Anudhyana     :    Click Here
Odia News Paper Darshana        :    Click Here
Odia News Paper NijuktiKhabar :   Click Here

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