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Kartik Purnima - 28th Nov

                                          Kartik Purnima                   
It is an occasion to remember the glorious prosperity of Orissa in the olden days when  the sadhabas (maritime traders) practised maritime trade in far off countries. They were traditionally sailing off into the sea every year on the day of Kartik Purnima while their spouses used to see them off by conducting aarti. As a token remembrance of the past glory, this day Oriya women sail off small toy-like boats in the rivers and perform puja early in the morning.

                              Kartik Purnima or Poornima is a Hindu holy day celebrated on the full moon day or the fifteenth lunar day of Kartik. It is also known as Tripuri poornima and Tripurari Poornima. It is sometimes called Deva-Diwali or Deva-Deppawali - the festival of lights of the gods. The Kartik Purnima festival also coincides with the Sikh festival of Guru Nanak Jayanti.

Tripuri poornima or Tripurari Poornima derives its name from Tripurari - the foe of the demon Tripurasura. Tripurari is an epithet of god Shiva. Shiva in his form as Tripurantaka (Killer of Tripurasura) killed the demon on this day. Tripurasura had conquered the whole world and defeated the gods. He also craeted three cities in space, together called "Tripura". The killing of the demon and destruction of his cities with a single arrow - by Shiva overjoyed the gods and they pronounced the day as a festival of illuminations. This day is also called Dev-Diwali.

Kartik poornima is also the birthday of Matsya, god Vishnu's fish-incarnation (avatar). It is also the birthday of Vrinda, the personification of the Tulsi plant and of Kartikeya, the god of war and son of Shiva. This day also is considered dear to Radha, the lover of Krishna - Vishnu's incarnation. It is believed that Krishna and Radha danced rasa and Krishna worshipped Radha on this day. This day is also dedicated to the pitrs, dead ancestors.
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